Back Ailments

Most of us experience back pain at one time or another. Whether inherited or by injury, illness, or chronic mis-use, living with back pain is something we don’t want anyone to have to do.

Back pain doesn’t just stay in your back!

Back pain can affect your life. Shooting pain, paint that keeps you from standing upright or sleeping, limits your flexibility or sends it’s pain down your leg — we want to work with you to alleviate or mitigate this life-altering condition.

Most of the time, with rest, physical therapy and self-care, your back will recover. In some cases, however, back pain signals that something else is going on. If your back doesn’t improve within 3 days of onset, call us for an appointment.

Back pain may be caused by the following conditions:

If you are experiencing back pain that has lasted over 72 hours, please call today.