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About Sure Medical Care

Sure Medical Care is a trusted and comprehensive primary care clinic located in Elmhurst, New York. The practice takes an integrative approach to patient care, caring for the person as a whole, combining conventional time-tested treatments with cutting-edge evidence-based strategies. Sure Medical Care is a top healthcare clinic in Elmhurt, New York and Queens County. 

The clinic specializes in internal medicine and provides a wide range of preventive and screening services such as labs, X-rays, sonograms, immigration exams, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) exams, medical marijuana, nerve conduction studies, and immunization, all performed at the office. 

Hertzel Sure, MD, a board-certified internist with more than 20 years of experience, leads the practice as founder and president. Together with his team of highly specialized and experienced doctors, Dr. Sure believes that the relationship between doctor and patient is of primary importance. Dr. Hertzel Sure is a top doctor in Elmhurt, New York and provides quality services to patients of all ages. 

As a primary care clinic, Sure Medical Care provides healthcare services to children, adolescents, and adults. When necessary, Dr. Sure refers patients with more serious issues, such as complex gastrointestinal issues, to specialists like a gastroenterologist for additional diagnostic tests and treatment.

Sure Medical Care has recently expanded to include a state-of-the-art physical therapy facility right across the street from the Elmhurst location. Dr. Sure also prescribes medical marijuana if it’s an appropriate treatment and verifies eligibility based on state law.

Sure Medical Care accepts Medicare and most insurance plans. To learn more please call for an appointment or use the online booking tool.

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Sure Medical Care offers an extensive range of preventive and screening services; all provided by a team of specialized and experienced medical professionals.

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Our physiologists come from a diverse and extensive background with each one bringing to the patient a unique strong suit. It is this multi-faceted approach that does away with otherwise traditionally rigid approaches to patient healthcare. We take care of our patients like family.



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Internal Medicine is a branch and specialty of medicine concerning the prevention, diagnosis & non-surgical treatment of diseases in adults from teen through old age. We offer a full array of preventative services from cholesterol and cancer screening to heart and bone scans.




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We accept most insurances, please call us to make an appointment at (718) 760-0797. If your insurance is not listed, please call us, we’ll always try to help! In here, you are like family. We are sometimes patients too and so understand the power of a kind hand. We will work with you!





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Sure Medical Care clinics offer an extensive range of preventive and screening services; all provided by a team of specialized and experienced medical professionals. Recently we have expanded to include a state of the art Physical Therapy Facility right across the street from our Elmhurst location! Now Dr.Sure screens patients for eligibility and discussion of the benefits of medical marijuana in NY state.


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Bringing more than 20 years of experience; every patient will tell you they felt like family under the passionate care of Dr. Sure. Vigilant and action-oriented; he believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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