Annual Physical Exams

When it comes to safeguarding your health, an annual physical exam is your first line of defense. At Sure Medical Care, Hertzel Sure, MD, offers comprehensive exam services, including annual check-ups, immigration exams, and commercial driving license (CDL) exams. Whether you simply want to stay on top of your health or you need a specific physical exam, call the Elmhurst, New York, office to set up an appointment. Or you can use the online scheduling tool.


diseases and disorders prevented yearly in US due to annual wellness exams


Minutes per year is the average time you need for your annual wellness checks

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among adults in the U.S. puts themselves to danger by skipping the annual exam

Annual Physical Exams Q & A

The Sure Medical Care clinic have a team of experts that can help patients with any health concerns or needs. One of the best ways to ensure your long-term health is to practice great preventive care, and that starts with your annual physical exam. These once-yearly visits allow Dr. Sure to track your health from one year to the next, enabling him to spot any alarming trends and to intervene quickly.


Your annual exam also provides you with the perfect opportunity to discuss any health concerns you may have with Dr. Sure. He can then recommend steps you can take to offset your risk, giving you valuable peace of mind.

When you first come in for your annual physical exam, Dr. Sure records your vital statistics, such as your:


  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Body temperature
  • Respiration rate

These numbers provide valuable clues about the state of your health and guide Dr. Sure in his exam.

With your vitals recorded, Dr. Sure spends some discussing any previous medical problems with you, as well as any new concerns you may have. He also ensures that your immunizations are up to date.

Then he begins his physical exam, in which he:


  • Listens to your heart and lungs
  • Examines your abdomen
  • Checks your ears, eyes, nose, and throat


He also checks your general appearance, including the health of your skin, to ensure that you’re in the pink of health.

Either before or after your exam, Dr. Sure may collect blood and urine from you, which gives him a better idea about the internal functions in your body.

Yes! Dr. Sure offers a variety of specialty exams and understands what needs to be done for each individual exam. He ensures that every measurement is taken and that you receive everything you need for your required exam.


For professional drivers, CDL exams are required every two years to make sure that you can navigate the roadways safely.

If you’re looking to take steps toward US citizenship, Dr. Sure performs immigration exams, which is the US government’s way of ensuring the health and safety of its citizens. There’s much you need to prepare ahead of time for this exam, so please make sure you have the necessary paperwork and medical records before you come in. That said, if you’re missing records or need vaccinations, Dr. Sure can help.


To get set up your physical exam, call Sure Medical Care, or request an appointment using the online scheduler.